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Our Story.

Tang & Sushi Restaurant 은 전통한식과 스시를 한자리에서 맛볼 수 있는 레스토랑입니다.

” Tang & Sushi” Restautant offers traditional Korean food and Japanese Sushi.

A Few Words About Us

경력이 많은 직원들과 함께 골프길 (8257 W Golf Rd, Niles, IL 60714)에 자리를 잡은 탕 전문점 ‘탕’(Tang) & Sushi. 맛, 청결, 건강 3박자에 맞춰 정성들여 끝내주는 탕을 만들어 내며. 대표메뉴중 하나인 설렁탕은 진한 국물이 뽀얗게 온기를 전합니다. 소금과 후추, 파, 청양고추, 다대기의 적정 비율 배합해 드시면 좋습니다.

“Tang” Korean restaurant, has been set up by the new owner (8257 W Golf Rd, Niles, IL 60714) with experienced staff. The soup is made with great care in accordance with the three beats of taste, cleanliness and health. Seolleongtang, one of the representative menu items, has a thick soup that gives warmth. It is recommended to mix salt and pepper, green onion, cheongyang pepper, and daisy in an appropriate ratio.

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Order K-Food at online Food Delivery to the house from “Tang & Sushi”

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“Order K Food at online Food Delivery to the house from Tang & Sushi”

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Arthur Lee

Founder / Head Chef

James Lee

Co-Founder / Chef